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More than Just Ice Cream

Jake's Ice Cream cakes typically include 2 layers of ice cream, a layer of cookie or candy crunch, and a final cake layer - brownie or yellow cake. We often have cakes available in the freezer so if you have a "last minute" need, you may just be able to drop in and pick one up. If you need to have one custom-made, you may choose any flavor(s) of ice cream that we have on hand. This will take at least 2 days to complete.​

Complete the order form below and we will be in touch to confirm your order.

If you do not get an email response from us, we did not receive your order. 

Please call the shop and speak to someone to place the order or try sending it again.

cake instructions
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Untitled-Artwork (46).png

Allow 48 hours for these orders. You must choose the size (6", 9", heart, round, half sheet or the crust for the pie - oreo or graham cracker). There may be an additional fee depending on the decorations and flavors wanted.


Select ice cream

Take a look at the listing of flavors offered. Pick any TWO for a cake or even just one if that's what makes you happy. For pies we recommend ONE flavor. We don't recommend the non-dairy or sorbet flavors for ice cream cakes since they don't freeze really hard and may not hold their shape well. We will make it if you ask but understand this is a possible complication.


Bottom layer of cake

We generally have yellow cake or brownie for the bottoms of our cakes. You may request other flavors such as banana cake, coconut cake, carrot cake etc. We may be able to accommodate your request. 


Crunch layer

This goes between the 2 ice cream flavors and can be: oreo cookies, strawberry crunch (vanilla oreos with freeze dried strawberries), chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles, jimmies, M&Ms, chocolate chips, Heath Bar Crunch, nuts, Reese's peanut butter cups. You may request something other than these options and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.


color and decoration

Let us know if you have favorite colors, designs, if you want writing on the cake, sprinkles, a fudge drip edge, mini Oreos etc.

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Cake Size
Bottom Layer

Thanks for your order!

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